The Distanced Look
I paint form photos I take with my phone. Moments summon me and are captured furtively as I try to hold them. After that I paint them, maybe as a way to make them my own, to remember them, to hold on to them. I’m obsessed with those images, lost in them, I dissect them.
To paint is my way of understanding and to relate with the reality that envelopes me, but at the same time is so distant from me. I feel it’s my way to take part of those moments, and not let them go by unnoticed.
With painting I can explore reality, its spatial, temporal, affective sensations. The longing that invades everything, insistence of fragility

Sonia Fernanda Ruiz was born in Tucumán in 1984. She studied in Escuela de Bellas Artes “Maestro Atilio Terragni”, an artistic highschool dependant of the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT), where later she got her BFA. She won several prizes in competitions hosted by the University since 2004 to this day.
She partook in numerous group shows, most notably: “Santos Bastidores” in Centro Cultural Virla (UNT), Tucumán (2008); “Espacio Tucumán” in Feria Expotrastiendas, Buenos Aires (2008); XVIII° Feria de Arte Contemporáneo ArteBA, Barrio Joven as part of Espacio La Punta, Buenos Aires (2009); “Tucumán a Museo Abierto” curated by Carlota Beltrame in Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Timoteo Navarro, Tucumán (2009), "Arte en Vivo" in the Feria Expotrastiendas as representative of Tucumán province, Buenos Aires (2009); “Operación COO. Acción UNO” at Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (2011). “El Sonido que Ilumina” in Sitio de Memoria Casa Coronel, Tucumán (2017); “Mannequin”, first group show of the collective BOMBO in FACT (Fundación Arte Contemporáneo Tucumán), Tucumán (2019).
She made the following solo shows: “Lagunas de Silencio” in Espacio Paréntesis, Tucuman (2009); “Tácito” in Espacio de Artes Visuales El Pasaje, part of Circuito Abierto Tucumán (2016); “Espacio Vacío” in the showing room of Espacio Tucumán, CABA (2017); “Transición” at “Un Club” Intermitent Production and Reflexion Laboratory About Visual Arts, Tucumán (2017).
She founded COO, Cooperativa de jóvenes artistas tucumanos, a group that organized workshops, exhibitions, work crit gatherings and the publication of the book “Obra Social” (2012).
In 2018 she coordinated “Conversaciones con Dibujos”, where she curated a series of two-person shows of drawing artists in “Tamañoficio” in San Miguel de Tucumán. She was selected in the Salón de Tucumán para el Ámbito Nacional of the Museo Provincial Timoteo Navarro (2018) and Premio Itaú de Artes Visuales (2020).
In 2019 she established the painters’ collective BOMBO alongside Belén Aguirre, Mariano Martínez y Ana Won, and organized the performatic actions “Lecturas para Caravaggio” and group shows.